Accelerate Financial Spaces with Codeless Data Analytics Solutions


Gary Becigneul: Accelerating Financial Spaces with Codeless Data Analysis Solutions

Gematria Technologies is the first platform offering codeless data analysis for financial markets. The company specializes in creating signals from textual data such as news and social media and then analyzing the causal relationships between those text signals and the capital markets for stocks, options, commodities or fixed income securities. What is really unique about Gematria is that it not only provides raw market signals to users like most financial analysis providers do, but also allows the user to build their own. , with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The story before running a business

Gary Becigneul is the co-founder and CEO of Gematria Technologies. He was an AI researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA, and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany. Gary pursued his doctorate. in Machine Learning at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, under the supervision of Thomas Hofmann, and a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, UK. At Gematria, he is currently responsible for all business matters, as well as natural language processing (NLP) technology. Gary says all other parts of the tech are led by his co-founder and CTO Louis Abraham.

As a Ph.D. student, Gary says trying to get scientific papers published at top conferences has given him an experience that shares more similarities with entrepreneurship than most people realize. Supervising around ten master’s theses as a doctoral student also taught him how to manage R&D projects on a daily basis, which turned out to be useful when he started recruiting his first developers.

The willingness to question is a vital attribute of a technology leader

For Gary, one of the vital attributes any tech leader should address is the willingness to constantly question the validity of their initial assumptions, to pivot when necessary. He explains by saying that it can also mean being able to leave behind the product of a year of development. Another quality he talks about is the ability to surround himself with people who can do what cannot be done because, to a very large extent, he believes that the value of the company is primarily made by his team. .

Creativity is the main foundation of all innovations

According to Gary in B2B, the first step is to talk to potential customers and to try in depth to understand how they operate. He says it’s worth going so far as to spend several days trying to do their job so that they have a deep enough immersion and really understand how to relieve some of their pain or improve their performance. On top of that, it also emphasizes the need to be creative and that it also needs to be maintained frequently. Staying on top of new technology releases is key to maintaining an excellent pace of innovation, according to Gary.

Role of AI and Big Data in bridging the gap

AI and big data are now buzzwords used everywhere. They have been overused for marketing purposes. Gary says today’s leaders need to be able to navigate this space of AI solutions, to differentiate between tools that can really take their business to the next level, unnecessary tools that are just nice to have. While a huge amount of AI research now lies dormant in labs with no concrete application in the production industry, he says good communication between executives and AI experts is crucial to closing this gap.

Main challenges for an entrepreneur

The main challenge for an entrepreneur is undoubtedly to find a match with the market. And for that, talking to people in your target industry, being exposed to them, and getting the right information from them was a challenge for Gary. He says it’s extremely difficult not to confirm your own biases and truly listen to their needs, much harder than he initially thought. “In many cases, the target customer won’t even be able to help you figure out how they could be helped. When it does, the only thing you can do is offer a demo, show it, get feedback, improve and repeat, ”he says. According to him, what is difficult is when your development resources are limited, because you can only afford to go wrong a limited number of times. And that’s why Gary thinks the quality of decisions is more important than the number of hours worked.

Future of the company

Gary aims to see Gematria become the world leader in codeless data analytics for financial markets, enabling true transformation of the capital markets industry. As players in this industry tend to be relatively conservative in the way they work, he says many institutions continue to experience losses that could have been avoided. The inefficient flow of information results in an overall loss of value to the economy and represents the type of systemic risk that could lead to the next financial crisis, he said. He firmly believes that reducing this systemic risk would benefit society as a whole.

Two major keys to transformation

Gary advises emerging leaders to develop a strong personal vision and direction for the direction they wish to take for the business and industry. He says if one can convince oneself of the right direction, then it is easy to convince others too. He encourages aspiring leaders by telling them that the resources will naturally gather around you to help you realize this vision. “Of course, depending on the mission, AI and Big Data might not be the most crucial piece of the puzzle for you. But beware, there is currently a real ‘El Dorado’ of AI industry applications, and some of those tradeoffs will be met in the years to come, either by you or by your competitors, ”Gary says.

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