Agdhi launches mobile platform to analyze agricultural yield data


Agdhi, an agrotech start-up, has introduced a “Planto” mobile platform that provides data analysis and provides accurate information on maximum agricultural production.

It generates information from raw field data and is then used for field trial monitoring, production field monitoring, disease tolerance analysis, pest resistance analysis, hybrid performance comparison, team management, reporting and scanning.

The app is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil.

“We are excited to present a new tool that will help agricultural businesses as well as farmers with new knowledge about crops and seedlings. This will help farmers to take corrective action and take future action, ”said Nikhil Das, founder of Agdhi.

The company has created two versions called “Surveyor” and “Manager” applications which collect and generate information.

Ballast Heaver Planto

It can be connected to any Planto registered company and is used to collect observations directly in the field. It supports various data collection formats, cultures and locations.

Planto Director

It is accompanied by the reports and analyzes necessary for any manager or decision-maker to make strategic changes in his research or production. It provides real-time data on “who’s on the ground” and “what’s going on”. This gives supervisors, managers, directors and owners a transparent view of activities, meaningful information and reports to take quick, decisive action.

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