Automated offline inspection and analysis tool for plastics

A new offline automated purity analysis and inspection tool for plastic raw materials, which would combine the functionality of a conventional optical light table with automatic assessment, is being showcased at this month’s PTXPO by Sikora International . Reputed to be unique in the market, Purity Concept V is designed for laboratory testing or inspection of random samples which can be carried out on different forms of plastic material: granules, flakes and test plates.

Photo Credit: Gardner Business Media, Plastics Technology

The automated light table inspects test material placed on a specimen holder and evaluates image recordings quickly and accurately. Individual contaminants such as black spots and color deviations up to 50 µm are detected and highlighted on the monitor and optically marked on the sample holder, allowing a clear view of physical contamination. Follow-up checks of past inspections and analyzes are possible at any time.

Sikora International's New Plastics Inspection and Analysis System

Photo credit: Sikora International


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