“Data collection on the move requires a reliable solution for mobility”


A big step for Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics, which has established a close collaboration with Ecoation. CEO Joris Bogaerts explains that he has been in contact for some time with the Canadian developer of a high-tech data collection platform for greenhouse cultivation. “They are very passionate about it,” Joris says.

Ecoation also recently entered into a global partnership with Biobest. With Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics, it will be a three-way collaboration. “Bogaerts will take care of the mobility platform, which we know well and in which we are strong,” says Joris. “Ecoation will take care of the data collection via an integrated suite of special sensors and high-tech cameras, along with data from our platform. Biobest can then use this data for precision data-driven IPM. The collected high-resolution crop and climate data can also be used for data-driven cultivation, remote crop management and real-time analysis. “

Karel Bolckmans (Biobest), Joris Bogaerts (Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics) and Saber Miresmailli (Ecoation)

Concretely, this means that the producers receive a lot of additional information. “Ecoation will install its sensors, cameras, computers, etc. on our tubular rail carriages. Tubular rail carriages now manned but soon also unmanned or autonomous. This is the next step in the development process of this exciting technology.”

The idea is that all of this data can be collected at one time. In principle, the machine column is high enough to scan the entire plant at once, including the flowers at the top. “There are also more and more solutions to come, which we want to integrate as much as possible. “

The first devices are already deployed and fully operational in the United States, Canada, Mexico and France. “Soon, the first projects will also start in Europe”, specifies Joris.

The question remains: why did Bogaerts choose Ecoation? After all, there are several parties working on this type of data collection and data analysis technology. “Ecoation has a long history in this area,” explains Joris. “They have been working on this technology for over 10 years, with a large, enthusiastic team. Their knowledge and experience are of a very high standard. It won’t be easy for others to catch up with them anytime soon. Ultimately, this will lead to close collaboration between the two companies.

“We have tried several greenhouse logistics platforms in the past, and Bogaerts is by far the best in the market in terms of quality and functionality,” says Dr Saber Miresmailli, Founder and CEO of Ecoation. “Data collection on the move requires a reliable solution for mobility, and based on the feedback we have received over the years from our customers around the world, Bogaerts sets the gold standard for reliability in the greenhouse. We are very excited about this partnership. “

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