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SINGAPORE – How has the design of Housing Board (HDB) apartments evolved over the years?

What led to the disruption of the global supply chain that threatens to ruin Christmas for some?

Readers of The Straits Times can explore visual and multimedia stories on a wide range of local and global issues lined up for this month and beyond.

These multimedia stories use illustrations, interactive graphics, and data visualization to break down complex information and topics that can be difficult to explain in simple words.

One such example was a project examining the evolution of HDB apartment design over the years. Using 3D models, readers can better compare and visualize changes in the layout of two Toa Payoh apartments built in the 1970s and 2020s respectively.

Another project looked at disruption to the global supply chain, a complex topic that has been reported widely, but rarely through simple visuals and illustrations.

To make the topic more relevant, animated illustrations were used to compare the time it took for a Chinese-made bicycle to arrive in Singapore – before and after the supply chain crisis. To show congestion in some of the world’s major ports, satellite images were used, which contrasted well with the illustrations.

“It has been a dedicated effort by ST correspondents based in different countries to investigate the issue – from discussions with various parties involved in the supply chain to vessel tracking via satellite imagery,” said Joyce Lim, senior correspondent for ST. , which has covered history from Singapore.

“We have found that the problem is more complicated than just the delay in arriving the goods. Our story goes back to the beginning of the crisis, and with the help of interactive graphics we try to explain why the crisis will not be over soon. “

As seaports plagued with congestion, airports around the world faced a massive drop in traffic due to the border closures from Covid-19.

A project launched last week examined the impact of the pandemic on the aviation industry, and whether the launch of vaccinated travel routes has brought any signs of recovery to Singapore’s airline industry.

The ST team has been tracking the number of flights departing from Changi Airport over the past two years, to help readers see the extent of the impact on the airline industry.

Animated graphics were used to present the information in an attractive way. The interactive graphic also included a quick guide for vaccinated travelers hoping to cure their urge to travel this holiday season.

These multimedia projects often involve journalists, designers, developers, and data journalists working together, and typically take weeks or even months to plan and navigate datasets to create compelling charts.

The goal is to help readers connect to context and meaning in simple but powerful ways, said interactive graphic correspondent Rebecca Pazos.

“Using memorable visual metaphors with graphics, illustrations or even animation helps us deliver information from data in compelling ways. “

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