Fivetran Introduces Metadata API – Enables End-to-End Data Analytics and Visibility

Enterprises can trace the full lineage of data across data catalogs to meet complex compliance requirements and enable global teams to access the right data securely

Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, has introduced the Fivetran Metadata API which enables “in-flight” tracking of data from source to destination as it moves through pipelines managed by Fivetran. With this added visibility, customers can integrate governance and observability tools to give data teams more control over who has access to what data. Enabling automated data governance, the Fivetran Metadata API also provides data managers, security teams, and data engineering teams with the visibility needed to know where the data came from, who accessed it, and what changes. occurred in the pipeline.

“Every business knows they need to be data-driven, but traditional data governance has been a barrier with manual processes and reactive policy enforcement. It’s not a scalable approach, especially since data infrastructure turns into thousands of pipelines,” said Vikram Labhe, Vice President and General Manager India at Fivetran. “With the Metadata API, our customers benefit from data governance automations and out-of-the-box data quality workflows so they can proactively identify and act on governance issues before they become a problem. Our automated in-flight approach enables large-scale data access without increasing business risk. »

India’s IT laws impose fines on companies that don’t follow complex rules to protect data privacy. The Fivetran Metadata API helps companies meet compliance requirements, easily integrating into their existing privacy and security strategies while enhancing the value of investments they have made in data catalogs and data management solutions. data quality.

With the Fivetran Metadata API:

  • Data analysts have a deep understanding of the origin of the data and are able to perform impact analysis on it.
  • Data stewards know that end users have access to data that has been securely processed and meets governance requirements.
  • Security and legal teams can perform security audits and ensure that the data being moved complies with organizational policies.
  • Data architects and engineers will soon be able to understand upstream schema changes and ensure downstream processes are kept up to date.

Create an automated data governance experience – Fivetran partners with leading data catalogs

Fivetran is excited to launch better metadata management with four leading data catalog providers: Atlan,, Alation and Collibra. Here are the combined benefits:

  • Information about all data can be consolidated into a single data catalog, for a complete view and a seamless user experience.
  • End-to-end data lineage charts are available for data, even if the data flows through multiple systems and tools.
  • By centralizing governance in a single tool, data stewards can better ensure that policies and processes are applied to data when needed.
  • The ability to source column-level trace data back to its origin helps confirm data quality and builds confidence in data accuracy and safety of use.

“Fivetran’s Metadata API solves a major gap in extracting data from operational systems to modern analytical systems by providing the much-needed context. The availability of the Metadata API will accelerate the development of reliable and secure applications at data-intensive by exposing aspects of lineage, impact analysis, security and privacy,” said Sanjeev Mohan, Director of SanjMo, data and analytics expert and former research vice president at Gartner.

To learn more about Fivetran’s security and governance, visit Fivetran Security or the Fivetran Blog.

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