FroXx Visual Assistance offers an innovative new support solution

FroXx visual assistance solution

Tech Startup Known for Pioneering Tech Solutions Creates Cutting-Edge Remote Support Option with AR Interaction

(POTSDAM, Germany) July 5, 2022 – German tech start-up FroXx Industries is proud to announce the launch of Visual Assistance, a cloud-based solution for real-time remote video assistance.

FroXx Industries promotes seamless interaction between people and technology. In an age where the physical and digital worlds are blending, FroXx seeks to go beyond intuitive interactions with data and unlock the next levels of user experience.

The design and development of their solutions leverage technologies such as WebRTC, extended reality, and blockchain to improve the efficiency of equipment installation and maintenance operations.

FroXx Visual Assistance, an IP-protected solution, works by offering augmented reality (AR) to create interactive annotations on various apps and media devices. And as a cloud-based software package, it requires no software installation while users visually interact in real time. The software works on all mobile browsers, making it very easy to implement for teams of all sizes.

“Visual Assist offers tech-savvy businesses a powerful, easy-to-use, and innovative cloud-based support system unmatched in the market today,” said Rodrigo Beyer Fernandez, CEO and Founder of FroXx. “With immediate positive impacts like reduced site visits and repair time, this new solution delivers efficiency through remote expertise.”

Using a self-ticketing system, the support team sends a message with a web link to the field technician or customer. It will then immediately share the camera of its connected device, allowing the user to work with real-time visual guidance.

Telecom companies can benefit significantly from the software as they experience a significant increase in installation and maintenance activities for 5G mobile networks. Visual assistance creates a very efficient way to interact with the installer without leaving the office, creating high installation efficiency as a senior engineer or other specialist team member can support simultaneous operations on any distance.

For help desks and other support organizations, the system is more effective at diagnosing issues by creating a high resolution rate option that improves customer experience and reduces field operations costs.

In the IT infrastructure industry, cloud solutions businesses often require highly skilled engineers in data centers. Visual Assistance can share technical expertise remotely with field technicians, meaning scarce expertise can be used more efficiently by eliminating travel time and deployment logistics.

“The main differentiator for our partners is that visual assistance is available anywhere and anytime,” says Vasile Nedelcu, chief technologist. “Visual Assistant is easy to use and has a flexible workflow while offering multiple AR-based features. Software experts can offer guidance and instruction to the field technician or consumer. The files exchanged, screenshots and video recordings will document valuable knowledge that can be used in Visual Assistance or transferred to other applications.”

While many industries will likely benefit from using the solution, they plan to target communication service providers, as well as internet infrastructure and support companies. “We have already attracted interest from the automotive industry, logistics, transportation sectors and even energy and utilities,” says Nicolas Lycas, Business Development Manager at FroXx. “Overall, Visual Assistance has the potential to adapt to any use case related to enhanced customer support.”

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Contact information:
Nicolas Lycas, business development manager
Potsdam, Germany
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About FroXx Industries GmbH

Tech start-up FroXx Industries GmbH was established in Greater Berlin, Germany in July 2020. The company promotes seamless interaction between people and technology.

In an era where the physical and digital worlds are blending, FroXx Industries seeks to go beyond intuitive interactions with data and unlock new levels of user experience.

Through 3D remote services, digital products and consulting, the company will help its customers prepare for “Industry 4.0”.

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