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GAITHERSBURG, Md., Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecommunications test and measurement solutions, spoke to the press regarding its new Speech Analysis Tool (VAT™) which analyzes the audio content in any narrowband (NB), wideband (WB), or super wideband (SWB) PCM audio file and generates a variety of audio measurements, including frequency bandwidth, voice activity, active speech level, noise level, DC offset, and RMS power.

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GL’s VAT™ operations are fully automated by detecting audio files in a user-specified directory and analyzing them as the files appear. Using configuration parameters associated with the degraded voice file name, the VAT™ can specify the tests to run, specify the configuration for each test, and associate the reference file with tests that require both degraded files and reference.

“The GL VAT™ app can generate a variety of audio measurements, including round-trip and one-way delay measurement, audio loss analysis, double-talk measurements, and voice quality analysis (when also combined with GL VQT POLQA solution) Additionally, GL VAT™ supports speech-to-text pass/fail analysis when combined with GL VQT POLQA solution. GL speech-to-text,” said Robert Bichefsky, director of engineering at GL Communications Inc.

He further added: “All results associated with VAT™ are sent to the GL WebViewer™ central database accessible using the WebViewer™ web browser. If the network connection is lost between VAT™ and the database, the data is saved internally. Once the network connection is restored, data is automatically sent from the VAT™ to the GL WebViewer™ database, so no data is lost.

Main characteristics

  • GL VAT™ supports analysis of any Raw PCM voice file, including NB, WB and SWB. Audio files can be generated from any application, including GL VQuad™ and vMobile™
  • Fully automated operation with log file containing results and stored in central GL database easily accessible using GL WebViewer™
  • VAT™ CLI (Command Line Interface) supports remote operation
  • Audio analysis includes round trip and one-way delay, off-hook audio analysis, double talk, power level and frequency analysis, voice activity, active speech level and noise level, and DC offset
  • Supports Voice Quality Test (VQT) analysis when paired with GL VQT Software
  • Supports multiple analytical tests per individual voice file

About GL Communications Inc.,
GL Communications is a global provider of telecommunications test and measurement solutions. GL solutions are used to verify the quality and reliability of wireless (5G, 4G, 3G, 2G), SONET/SDH, Ethernet/IP, TDM and PSTN networks.

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