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Got Mad .NET MAUI Skills? Show off!

Microsoft’s .NET MAUI has generated a lot of buzz as it evolved its predecessor, Xamarin.Forms, by adding the ability to build desktop applications in addition to the traditional iOS and Android Xamarin mobile targets.

Meaning .NET Multi-platform App UI, the offering shipped in May and only last month moved from preview status in Visual Studio 2022.

[Click on image for larger view.] .NET MAUI (source: Microsoft).

Although Microsoft offers extensive .NET MAUI documentation, it invites developers to participate in a different learning experience: the .NET MAUI Cloud Skills Challenge.

“The .NET MAUI Cloud Skills Challenge is a fun and exciting way to learn .NET MAUI and grab the latest .NET MAUI sticker!” Microsoft’s Matt Soucoup said in an Aug. 29 blog post. “All you have to do is go to the registration page and sign up, complete all of the challenge’s .NET MAUI training modules (learn some amazing new skills along the way), and then we’ll send stickers!”

The challenge features seven training modules that must be completed to earn stickers, with Microsoft promising along the way that developers will learn how to build their first .NET MAUI app, build the user interface, navigate between pages, use local data storage, to interact with Web services and more.

Although over 400 developers had participated at the time of Saucoup’s release, Microsoft apparently wanted more, so Saucoup edited their post to announce that the August 31st deadline had been extended to September 30th. He also noted that previous attendees should review the registration page. to provide more information to ensure prompt delivery of the prize stickers.

While the project is primarily for learning, its site notes the competition aspect, with individual and team competitions: “Evaluate your progress against your friends and colleagues. It’s always better when we learn together .”

Developers will also compete for these stickers, for which only the first 500 developers to complete the challenge are eligible.

There are individual and team competitions.

Saucoup’s post must have generated more interest, as the leaderboard now shows 990 participants.

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