Hal Leonard Selects CONNECT Data Collection and Analytics Platform for Cutting-Edge Automation

Hal Leonard Corporation, the world’s largest print music publisher, has invested in the SpencerMetrics CONNECT platform for data-driven production management. CONNECT will automate Hal Leonard’s data collection and reporting, enabling real-time insights and visibility to understand and optimize their production costs.

Housed at Hal Leonard’s production and distribution site in Winona, Minnesota, CONNECT works with a variety of production equipment from multiple manufacturers, including digital and offset printing production presses and a wide range of equipment finishing. CONNECT’s multi-vendor, multi-technology platform provides a standardized, automated way to capture and analyze precise metrics, identify effective ways to improve machine and labor utilization, and maximize productivity and control costs.
In addition to the plant in Winona, USA, Hal Leonard operates several international production sites. CONNECT’s cloud-based architecture enables future expansion of these facilities, providing a centralized system to gain insight into their global manufacturing network and to compare efficiencies and best practice benchmarks.

Brent Halverson, Senior Vice President Winona Operations, said, “We chose SpencerMetrics as our partner because of their integration with many equipment vendors, as well as their comprehensive support throughout the process. What we gained was an automatic activity-based cost calculation system versus manual entry, and dashboards that we could use to make better business decisions. Their specific experience in printing largely contributed to the final decision.

SpencerMetrics CEO David Spencer said, “We are very pleased that Hal Leonard trusted our platform for his automation transformation. The experience we have gained from improving our solution while working with printing and packaging companies allows us to provide relevant technology for our industry. We are invested in our customers’ success and look forward to ensuring it through our commitment to excellent customer service.

Source: SpencerMetrics

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