Hankook Tire Uses AI to Develop Race Data Analytics Solution

Hankook Tire has announced that it has tested a new AI-based running coaching solution, tentatively named “Hankook Track Solutions”. Hankook Track Solutions is for everyone who enjoys driving on the track as well as amateurs who dream of becoming professional racing drivers. The company has announced plans to launch the racing tool next year.

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Using tire-mounted sensor technology, the solution provides real-time information including tire pressure, tire temperature, lap times, as well as trends such as understeer and oversteer. The AI-powered personalized coaching feature is also available based on individual data tracking, which will allow racing drivers to improve their performance, the company said.

Hankook Tire has created a mobile application as a platform to access this data and analysis reports. The app was made in collaboration with 3Secondz, a developer of AI-based motorsport coaching technology. The sensors that are attached to the tires, which are one of the key components, have also been self-developed in cooperation with Patron, the leading manufacturer of electronic components in South Korea, Hankook said.

The pilot test was carried out by integrating the solution into Hankook’s Ventus RS4 racing tire in the size of 18 inches. The tires were then fitted to Hyundai Motor’s high-performance Veloster N hatchback for testing at the 2021 Hyundai N Festival, a single-make championship held on November 13-14. The tests were carried out by three pilots, Jong-min Park, Jae-gyun Kim and Jasmine Choi, during rounds 7 and 8. The test was completed with positive feedback from the pilots. Drivers shared that it supports better driving by providing optimized air pressure based on on-track driving analysis, using AI beyond just providing the data information on the tracks. existing tires, the company said.

Hankook Tire plans to analyze the results of the pilot tests and develop final products with the aim of launching them next year. It also plans to expand applicable tire products to Hankook Track Solutions.

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