Heap launches user journey maps analysis tool


Heap launches user journey maps analysis tool

28 October 2021

In the United States, knowledge automation specialist Heap has launched a tool called Journey Maps, which it says automatically discovers invisible user behavior and then suggests actions to improve the digital experience.

Heap, based in San Francisco, captures user interactions of client applications and the website, without the need for tracking plans, tracking code or beacons; and offers real-time reports and usage metrics to help customers understand what users are doing. In June, the company launched a suite of automated analytics capabilities called Heap Illuminate.

The new Journey Maps solution uses data science to analyze datasets and automatically discover “unexpected” customer behavior, then deliver data on the user actions that have the most impact on conversion and retention. The tool automatically recommends steps that are not currently being taken, but have a “significant drop”, and identifies and quantifies the amount of friction users face in a given flow.

CTO Dan Robinson (photo) comments: “Our goal is to provide the people who create digital products with the data and information they need to create something that users love. Understanding the reality of what users are doing is a key step in creating a winning product. Because our platform starts from a complete data set, we are uniquely able to help digital builders move beyond gut to make safe, fast decisions that drive real business results. “.

Website: www.heap.io.

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