Hitachi Introduces New Veneer and Coating Analysis Tool

Photo credit: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science (Westford, Massachusetts) has expanded its line of plating and coatings analysis with the launch of the FT230. The new FT230 is designed to allow quality control to keep pace with production by dramatically simplifying and accelerating component and assembly testing. By removing the traditional barriers of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, the FT230 would speed up analysis and reduce costly errors to help electronics and component manufacturers, general metal finishers, and plastic plating facilities to perform 100% inspection and meet the tightening Specifications.

The user experience of the FT230 is said to be significantly enhanced by the Find My Part feature which automatically selects features that need to be measured, analytical routines and reporting rules so the operator spends less time using the XRF and more time working on the results. The built-in, user-built library is easily expanded to handle new parts and routines as your job changes.

The FT230 is the first product to run Hitachi’s brand new FT Connect software, which focuses the interface on the most important aspects of XRF. It is said to be dominated by the industry’s largest sample view and clear presentation of results, making it easy to position parts for analysis and viewing results. Results are prominently displayed on the main measurement screen so operators can act quickly, and stored on board for later review. Results can be exported as a spreadsheet or full JSON format for integration with SCADA, QMS, MES or ERP systems. Custom reports can also be created for internal or external clients.

In addition to a suite of functions to confirm instrument stability (including routine instrument checks and calibration validation tools), on-board diagnostics give users additional health information of the instrument. This data can be shared directly with Hitachi’s technical support team via ExTOPE Connect (Hitachi’s advanced cloud-based data storage and management service that allows users to share data instantly and securely. security).

The FT230 is said to add value beyond measuring the thickness and composition of the veneer and coating. Powerful software and high-resolution solid-state drive (SDD) allow parts to be checked for compliance with restricted materials legislation such as Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and material composition analysis, including solutions plating baths and metal alloys. The company says this is useful for validating incoming substrates and confirming chemistry, which is crucial for punch centers handling precious metals.

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