How Process Mining Became an Integral Part of the Data Analytics Toolkit Landscape

In this analyst shot, Kieron Allen reports from Munich, Germany, where he is attending the Celosphere 2022 conference, and shares some details about the topics, companies, and events he is looking forward to and looking forward to. will cover in the next few days.

This analyst take is sponsored by Celonis, the market leader in process mining and execution management. Join the world’s top 2,000 process fanatics and learn how to fix process inefficiencies at Celosphere, the company’s annual conference November 9e and 10e in Munich, Germany. Sign up to watch Celosphere 2022 free virtual live stream here.

Strong points

00:22 — Kieron and Tom Smith will post daily Celosphere content. Specifically, Kieron will learn how process mining has become an integral part of the data analysis landscape and toolkit.

00:42 — At Celosphere, Kieron will hear from industry giants, such as IBM, Aviana Airlines and IKEA, about how slowness allows these companies to visualize the inner workings and connections of every business process.

1:01 — This week, Kieron is excited to share with Accelerating Economy subscribers how their companies can leverage existing and upcoming process mining techniques to support their efforts in an Accelerating Economy.

01:14 — There will be more to come this week from Celosphere on how users can leverage process mining tools to accelerate their digital presence and process data the way industry giants do.

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