Investment Metrics Launches Revolutionary Factor-Based Change Analysis Tool


NORWALK, Connecticut – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Investment Metrics, a leading provider of investment analysis, reporting and data, today announced the launch of DeltaZoomâ„¢ to help institutional investors, advisors and asset managers better understand changes in style factors within portfolios. DeltaZoom is a new module within Portfolio Analyzer, a factor analysis platform, which provides efficiency and precision in the analysis and identification of the causes of changes in exposure to factors in the portfolio.

Asset managers can use DeltaZoom to give their investors real insight into how they are managing their portfolio and clearly explain why a factor’s exposure has changed. The tool also saves time for asset owners and consultants by instantly isolating and understanding the changes that matter most to them based on the factors. More than ten early stage clients currently use DeltaZoom to rapidly study the impact of market movements, trading decisions and changing factors on their portfolios.

“HSBC Global Asset Management regularly needed to understand why managers’ exposures had changed as part of the investment review process and DeltaZoom allows us to do this quickly and with a granularity that allows us to get to the heart of a change, ”said Tobias Goetzinger, Global Head of Portfolio Analysis at HSBC Global Asset Management.

“With the growing demands for transparency in the industry, it is critical that asset managers, consultants and asset owners can analyze portfolios and obtain insights as effectively as possible,” said Brent Burns, CEO of ‘Investment Metrics. “In the past, teams could take weeks to perform this type of analysis manually. DeltaZoom transforms this process into seconds, instantly showing what causes a portfolio to take on new factor exposure. Our commitment to the continuous innovation of the Style Analytics platform allows us to offer the institutional investor community this revolutionary tool that is at the forefront of the industry in portfolio analysis and factor analysis.

Investment Metrics’ style factor analysis products are designed to help institutional investors and asset managers determine which factor exposures impact portfolio risk and performance, including ESG. With the addition of DeltaZoom, institutional investors, advisers and managers can now better analyze markets and portfolios with unprecedented insights in seconds.

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Investment Metrics is a leading global provider of portfolio analysis, reports and data that helps institutional investors and advisors achieve better financial results, grow assets and retain clients with clear insight into investments. Our solutions generate information on over 20,000 institutional asset pools, 28,000 funds and over 500,000 portfolios, representing over $ 10,000 in AUA. With more than 400 clients in 30 countries and leading solutions for institutional portfolio analysis and reporting, style factor and ESG analysis, competitor and peer analysis, and research market and management, we bring insight, transparency and competitive advantage to help institutional investors and advisors achieve better financial results. For more information on Investment Metrics, please visit

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