JPMorgan will offer an ESG analysis tool

JPMorgan Chase has partnered with software company Datamaran to create a data analytics tool that allows clients to assess the ESG risks facing portfolio companies and the ESG risks these assets pose to the world that surrounds them. This is a concept known as dual materiality. Although the concept is already incorporated into EU ESG regulations, this would be the first time it has been used in the United States. The new tool is called ESG Discovery. Jean Xavier Hecker, Co-Head of ESG EMEA Research at JPMorgan and designer of the tool, said: “Dual materiality is the only way to think about ESG in a way that is both forward-looking and holistic. .” The tool, which is now available to JPMorgan clients, will use artificial intelligence to compile data from corporate disclosures, regulations and online media. Importantly, it will not provide an ESG rating or score. It focuses on unboxing the individual ESG drivers.

Final sum:JPMorgan has partnered with software company Datamaran to create a tool that uses artificial intelligence to assess ESG risks.

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