Klocwork is the ideal static analysis tool for DevOps

Klocwork identifies security, quality and reliability issues in software for C, C ++, C # and Java and helps enforce standards. Its thorough, precise and precise analytical results have earned Klocwork the trust of industry leaders in a variety of industries. However, Klocwork is more than just a static code analysis tool; it is also a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tool.

Find security holes with SAST

Klocwork SAST for DevOps and DevSecOps helps you identify security vulnerabilities, which allows you to find and resolve security issues earlier in development. In addition, Klocwork helps you ensure compliance with internationally recognized safety standards.

Differential analysis

Klocwork is one of the few static code analysis tools that uses differential analysis. This type of analysis allows Klocwork to provide you with the shortest possible analysis times for new and modified code, while maintaining the precision and detail of the analysis data.

CI / CD pipeline support

Designed for enterprise DevOps, Klocwork adapts to projects of any size, integrates into large, complex environments and a wide range of development tools, and provides control, collaboration and reporting. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with CI / CD pipelines to automate ongoing compliance. This reduces cloud computing costs because there are no inactive instances waiting for the next scan.

Support for containerized construction

Klocwork provides containerized construction support for machine provisioning and cloud computing systems, including AWS, Azure, and OpenStack. This provides maximum flexibility and the ability to use internal or external cloud services for code analysis.

Control, collaborate and report

The Klocwork Portal Dashboard is a centralized store of analytics, trends, metrics, and configurations for codebases across the organization, accessible through a web browser. The dashboard is highly customizable, empowering your developers, managers and other stakeholders.

Give your team all the benefits – Provide them with Klocwork

To learn more, please visit: https://www.perforce.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/datasheet-klocwork-static-analysis-tool-for-devops-web.pdf

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