Lancashire County Council rolls out scan tool to bus junctions

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Lancashire County Council is to roll out the use of Alchera’s pinch point analysis tool across existing bus line junctions within its borders.

This follows the completion of a trial of 59 junctions in the eastern county and aims to help local bus operators develop plans to improve the reliability of their services.

The tool is a machine learning application that identifies and helps reduce the impact of bus pinch points on the network. It uses Alchera’s cloud-based Alpha software platform to collect data from multiple sources – including the Bus Open Data System and existing transport sensors – and provide real-time and predictive motion data. vehicles and pedestrians.

Alchera said this can be used for tasks such as identifying the need for interventions at specific junctions. The tool can also be used to estimate the economic impact of inefficient junctions.

need proof

Martin Porter, Principal Engineer (Network Management) for Lancashire, said: “Improving the performance of the bus network is a top priority for LCC. We know there are problems at certain junctions of the network, but we need evidence – hard data – to back up our assumptions so we can get the government funding we need to make improvements.

“We also need to be able to measure interventions to see how well they work and avoid similar problems in the future. Alchera gives us the ability to do that in real time.

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