Lightware Visual Engineering enters SolutionsPlus partnership with Cisco – rAVe [PUBS]

Lightware Visual Engineering’s journey to a SolutionsPlus partnership with Cisco began in 2018 and recently gained “strong momentum with the development of hybrid collaboration in the AV industry.” The companies say the partnership provides industry-leading solutions for hybrid collaborative environments and encourages partners and customers around the world to contribute to their productivity by deploying Lightware’s bundled products for Cisco Webex rooms.

Customers needed to expand and expand their Cisco video conferencing rooms with simple, consistent control, and the need for efficient space utilization became crucial in the post-pandemic era.

As a Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, Lightware offers “Cisco Compatible” products, which are listed on Cisco’s Global Price List (GPL) and can be purchased as “Hardware as a Service” for three or five years. use, an ideal solution for customers. interested in Webex-based projects, where expansion, extension, USB passthrough, and camera sharing are needed with simple operation.

With its expertise in delivering and managing AV signals, Lightware has equipped Cisco Webex Touch 10 and Room Navigator with an array of highly sought-after features. Indeed, dedicated Lightware bundles offer the following features:

  • Expand meeting room AV and data sources
  • Extend uncompressed 4K signals with ultra-low latency beyond standard TPS (HDBaseT) distances
  • Sharing USB room assets (web cameras, microphones, speakers, etc.).
  • Simple and consistent control for an intuitive user experience and standardized room control with stable plant performance
  • Ability to divide or combine room spaces by controlling and managing sources and devices in the meeting environment

As part of this partnership, Lightware and Cisco have provided API functionality for their devices, enabling seamless integration. The open API allowed Touch 10 and Room Navigator to add additional buttons, widgets, and sliders. At Webex Spaces, every integrator or consultant has access to support from Lightware engineers to qualify their project for the best suited Lightware package.

Lightware also offers a free, web-based Cisco Webex Room Setup Wizard. This app is “intuitive and cost-effective, aiding in the creation of a configuration file that will encompass all devices in the room into a seamless integrated AV solution,” according to the companies.

Details on the Cisco SolutionPlus partnership with Lightware are here:

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