LinkedIn Announces LSI Data Analytics Tool to Help Sales Reps Better Target Their Audiences

LinkedIn has done a great job creating a social media platform for workers and employers, and now it’s looking to help sales staff better target audiences and accounts, increasing their chances of getting a lead. . LinkedIn has launched a brand new data analysis tool, known as LinkedIn Sales Insights (LSI), which aims to provide teams and clients engaged in sales operations to use the extensive database provided through LinkedIn while planning their sales strategies. The platform is the latest addition to the suite provided by the LinkedIn Sales Solutions package and is intended to help those engaged in sales operations to gather the best information about potential customers and, in turn, capture the best business opportunities.

According to LinkedIn, the database will be populated by data from the accounts of more than 740 million users and, just like the name, will provide decent insight into the development of sales and the size and outlook of the company. . This in turn will help business departments channel their resources to targeting the accounts and users most likely to provide them with a profitable market.

The new platform, according to its parent company, aims to help sales reps gain more knowledge about the types of accounts that will be more feasible for their business, and was designed to make it easy for them to enter new markets, by making relevant information available at your fingertips. Real-time data regarding key regions and territories, with particular emphasis on specific accounts, will be made possible. In addition, the company claims that since the data provided will be fed by the users of the accounts themselves, it is bound to be much more reliable and provide much more in-depth information on how those accounts work, which will help prioritize the markets. and plan the business strategy. , while ensuring their sales hit target.

Announcing the news, the company also expressed its views on the new addition through India’s LinkedIn Sales Solutions Manager, Abhai Singh, who said, “As virtual selling continues to reshape the ecosystem. sales, data and real-time information are increasingly planning sales today. With LinkedIn Sales Insights, our goal is to strengthen the buyer-seller relationship so that companies can focus on the “products they sell” towards the “problems they solve”. The platform will empower business operations managers with the data and relationship intelligence to unlock lucrative leads and plan with ease and confidence in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

With the new Sales Insights platform, LinkedIn aims to bridge the growing gap between businesses and their target audiences, helping the former to spot accounts that may be interested in their products, and allowing them to focus on them. . Following. To achieve this, it relies on the complex network of companies, employees, employers, skills, jobs, etc., which it has taken years to weave into its database.

This is the first time LinkedIn has made headlines since massive data leak a few days ago, and this time it’s certainly for a good reason. The new platform, which was introduced to markets in other countries a few months ago, is highly anticipated, and it remains to be seen how useful it will prove to be.

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