Mariano F. Scandizzo’s new book “Data Analytics for Corporate Finance” is a functional read on actionable tools to facilitate real-life situations and transactions

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Author Fulton Books Mariano F. Scandizzo, CFA, CQF, Chartered Financial Analyst with a BS in Economics and a Postgraduate Degree in Finance under his belt, has completed his latest book “Data Analysis for Corporate Finance”: a very informative article on the tools that Scandizzo has researched, designed and implemented throughout its professional career. This read contains financial modeling solutions to guide practitioners in building financial model pipelines using SQL, Python, and MS PowerBi.

Scandizzo shares, “Have you ever tried to learn to code or use advanced visualization tools? If so, I’m sure you know how daunting it is to learn on your own.

“Generally, tools and books follow an encyclopedic approach, i.e. books attempt to teach all the features of a language or coding tool. It involves hundreds or even thousands of pages just to cover a single topic, be it SQL, Python, MS Excel, MS PowerBI, etc. The journey from zero to hero to becoming proficient in using digital and visualization tools to take your career to the next level becomes an ordeal that takes years and thousands of pages just to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. However, the reality is that you don’t need to learn absolutely every feature available to use these tools and deliver a top quality project.

“Rather than teaching you about the forest, I’m going to talk about specific trees. Why? Because once you become familiar and confident in caring for a few trees, growing a forest becomes a simple process of planting new trees. This book provides the fundamental building blocks for you to learn about financial data science and take these tools and start using them tomorrow. The scope of the selected tools will allow you to see a dramatic improvement of your financial modeling skills.

The book is designed to provide corporate finance professionals with the ability to immediately begin using advanced tools for real-world, real-world tasks.

Therefore, this book is entirely devoted to functionalism. It’s about giving you tools that will put you to work and radically change the way you analyze data. Once you see the benefits, it will become natural to keep expanding your knowledge in the field, taking advantage of the endless educational resources available.

Published by Fulton Books, Mariano F. Scandizzo’s book is an insightful work created to broaden understanding of the art of financial modeling. The author has a thriving career building financial models and the publication of this book is truly a blessing for all data analysts.

This is recommended for people who work in the corporate sector.

Readers who wish to experience this educational work can purchase “Data Analysis for Corporate Finance” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble store.

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Mariano F. Scandizzo’s new book “Data Analytics for Corporate Finance” is a functional read on actionable tools to facilitate real-life situations and transactions

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