Marketron provides REV campaign analytics tool

Hailey, Idaho—Marketron today announced that it has made available the new REV Campaign Analytics feature for the Marketron REV Sales Growth Platform for TV and Radio sales professionals.

Broadcasters can use REV Campaign Analysis to show agencies and local direct advertisers delivering linear campaigns. Post-campaign analysis is done on the same platform used to offer and order campaigns. The feature is automatically available at no additional cost to all REV Platform subscribers and is ready for use by broadcasters across North America.

With this feature, TV and radio broadcasters can analyze promises against linear campaign performance. Sales teams can easily check a campaign’s current impressions against contracted impressions to see how the campaign is tracking in near real-time, providing the ability to adjust as needed to avoid counterfeits, the company said.

REV is integrated with broadcast rating providers Nielsen and Numeris, so stations can report to advertisers whether the campaign is related to the intended target audience, he said.

Adding the capability to the REV platform brings the entire linear campaign process together in one place, eliminating the need for sales teams to switch between technology platforms to make their work. Sales teams using REV save time and improve efficiency when developing proposals, submitting orders, accessing real-time inventory data, managing customers, and now performing post analysis in the same system with a single connection, the company said.

“Our vision for REV was to enable broadcast sales teams to offer, order and measure radio and television linear buys using the same tool,” said David London, Senior Director of Product Management. REV products from Marketron. “With the ability to perform post-campaign analysis and reporting on impressions and GRPs against the target audience, the campaign analytics feature closes the loop in the sales process.”

More information is available about the company website (opens in a new tab).

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