McLeod Software Announces New MPact PRO Market Analysis Tool

MPact PRO further breaks down nationwide truck loading lanes so customers can build a step-by-step picture of capacity and volume in the markets and assess the ever-changing pricing landscape.

Today, McLeod Software introduced an extension to its MPact market analysis tool, MPact PRO. By extracting more from just data on loads that actually moved, MPact PRO further breaks down truck loading lanes nationwide so customers can build a step-by-step picture of capacity and volume in the markets and assess the ever-changing pricing landscape. . This robust AI-based analysis is used to create intuitive dashboards, two-dimensional graphs, and maps that can quickly identify truck lane profitability.

Seeing critical key elements on demand helps users optimize day-to-day decisions by targeting where, when, and how to price freight based on dollar amount and earning potential. Filters and switches allow for a multitude of custom views to analyze track-based freight data from different angles. Clear and concise analysis in dashboard views helps guide business decisions about markets and paths to pursue.

McLeod’s Truckload Market data set includes trailer types, transport load length, load product, origins and destinations, providing users with more ways to slice and dissect their markets .

MPact PRO offers analysis that relates to both buy and sell rates, but with one important difference – the ability to compare and view results against their own operating history. Accessible directly from McLeod’s Core LoadMaster® and PowerBroker® solutions, MPact PRO leverages these real-time analytics so users don’t have to navigate away from the system. This means McLeod customers can make smart day-to-day decisions about freight capacity and complex pricing through simple, easy-to-read visual dashboards.

Not all fillers are good fillers. The mid-market rate is not always synonymous with maximum profit. Small shifts in the ever-changing market need to be seen and understood to make the most rewarding decisions. When these rate influences are visible through intuitive displays, the what, why and when of the market becomes clearer. The basis for day-to-day business decisions can change from guesswork to factual basis, allowing companies to benchmark their performance against the broader market and develop a better freight pricing strategy.

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