McLeod’s Market Analysis Tool Breaks Down Truck Load Capacity, Volume – Products

McLeod Software’s MPact Pro market analysis tool provides an in-depth breakdown of truck loading lanes nationwide.

Screenshot: McLeod

Extracting data only from the data on loads that have actually been moved, McLeod Software’s MPact Pro market analysis tool breaks down truck load lanes nationwide in depth.

The tool allows McLeod customers to create a detailed picture of capacity and volume in the markets and assess the pricing landscape, McLeod officials said in a press release.

MPact Pro offers spot and contract rate information.

“Whether customers need to know how fares are changing over time using rate trends, or how fares are distributed over time using rate analytics, they can clearly see how point contract rates matter or not for a given market lane,” McLeod officials said.

MPact Pro also allows users to:

  • Measure the profit forgone by a carrier or broker. This can be measured against specific profit targets or against the market as a whole. The analysis can be dissected by equipment type, origin market, destination market, haul length, commodity, market buy rate segment, market sell rate segment, transaction type, and profit.
  • Benchmark between average market rates and median market rates. The tool also allows users to view the total market volume against the number of orders in a fleet.
  • Overview of the number of carriers or brokers currently participating in a given lane within a certain time frame.

The MPact PRO is an integral part of the client McLeod’s own transport management system and all the history it has.

This latest version of MPact PRO organizes a customer’s view of their current and historical business, prioritizing market lane pairs based on volume and tariffs, enabling a complete understanding of the tariffs they charge versus tariffs. Of the industry.

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