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This week sees the global launch of Stunned, a new player analysis product from Metanomic. Touted as a revolutionary tool for game developers, it is the first-ever video game analytics platform using AI-based behavioral analysis, including AI based on Bayesian inference to understand data from real in-game events. The goal is to insert behavioral analysis into player behavior to tailor titles to optimize retention and monetization. It is suitable for mobile, console and PC platforms, existing and new titles, as well as Web3 and Web2 games.

Thunderstruck claims to provide in-depth analysis, taking into account player motivations, playstyles, and reward preferences, with the idea being that this will allow developers to fine-tune their games to the player archetypes they attract. With live analytics, creators can keep tabs on the types of players they’re winning and retaining, as well as identify the personalities of top-spending players.

Types of AI Players

Thunderstruck launches with 7 player types, each of which can be tailored to the priorities of individual game titles. These will be expanded and refined as more data from a broader title base is analyzed, and the AI ​​will then work to identify events that inform specific player actions. Player types at launch are Killers, Achievers, Explorers, Socialisers, Speedsters, Conquerors, and Scientists, but player personalities will also be influenced by “passion”, namely how often and how well they play.

Announcing the launch, Theo PriestleyCEO and Founder of Metanomic, said
“For too long, game developers have relied on blunt instruments to understand their players. It’s no exaggeration to say that much of the gaming industry’s framework for player classification dates back to a trial from Richard Bartle’s 1996. A generation later, Thunderstruck is the next big leap forward, taking just a few days to generate more insights than a team of analysts could do in a month. Players can straddle multiple characters or even switch characters based on their motivations, and use custom AI and live data to accurately anticipate how they will react to changes in the metagame. Thunderstruck aims to give game developers ways to identify, acquire and influence the right players for their game.”

Since its inception in 2021 by a mix of veteran game designers, AI experts and professional economists, Metanomic has so far managed to secure $2.9 million in pre-seed funding and Priestley has expressed in the past the need for a more behavior-based approach. analysis to strengthen the gaming industry.

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