Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code and unveils VS Code Server

Microsoft has advanced its Visual Studio Code code editor on two fronts. The company released a private preview of Visual Studio Code Server, a service for connecting to remote development machines, and shipped Visual Studio Code’s June update, with new features for finding files and hiding some error notifications.

Announced on July 7, Visual Studio Code Server is a service you can run on a remote development machine that allows connections from anywhere using a URL, without requiring SSH (Secure Shell) . VS Code Server leverages the technology used in VS Code’s remote development extensions and adds features such as an interactive CLI and secure connections to

Visual Studio Code Server supports development on a remote machine where SSH support may be limited, or where web access is required, or development on a machine that does not support the VS Code desktop. like an iPad tablet or a Chromebook. The VS Code Server CLI establishes a tunnel between the VS Code client ( and a developer’s remote machine. Tunneling is used to transmit data from one network to another. Developers can request access to VS Code Server here.

Also on July 7, Microsoft released Visual Studio Code 1.69, also known as the June 2022 release. VS Code 1.69 can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, or Mac from the VS Code website. The new version tweaks the command center by replacing the normal title bar with a new user interface that allows users to quickly find files, run commands, and browse cursor history. It is activated through the window.command.Center setting.

Also in Visual Studio Code 1.69, a new Do Not Disturb mode hides all error-free notification popups when enabled. Progress notifications will automatically appear in the status bar. Hidden notifications are still available to view in Notification Center. Other new features and improvements in VS Code 1.69:

  • Work continued on the three-way merge editor, which allows developers to quickly resolve Git conflicts. The merge editor supports word-level merging and linguistic features, including diagnostics, tests, and breakpoints. The function can be activated by setting git.merge.Editor at true.
  • The Parameter Editor now displays when a parameter has a language override.
  • The Preferences: Toggle Light/Dark Themes command now does what it says: toggles between preferred light and dark themes.
  • Shell integration for PowerShell bash and zsh is no longer in preview. It is planned to be enabled by default in VS Code 1.70. Shell integration allows VS Code’s terminal to better understand what’s going on inside the shell in order to create more functionality.
  • The user interface has been improved for debuggers that enter specific function calls directly when paused on a line.
  • For JavaScript debugging, developers can now easily enable and disable source maps by clicking the compass icon 🧭 in the title of the Call Stack view.
  • Preview support is offered for the upcoming TypeScript 4.8.

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