Obayashi Corporation – ‘Promier’ Visual Process Control System Upgrade

Obayashi Society (Headquarters: Minato-ku, TokyoPresident: Kenji Hasuwa) has further expanded the functions of the “Promier” visual process management system announced in July 2021 for on-site construction management using BIM as the information infrastructure. As a platform, we have enhanced it into a visual project management system that can be used to manage the entire construction project.

Previously, when comparing the progress of BIM models and parts, plans and actual results on the screen, there was no function to show two screens, so you had to switch views each time. times, which was inconvenient.

The upgraded “Promier” features multi-screen to improve operability and efficiently and centrally manage multiple jobs in the project. In addition, by setting the access authority for each user, the construction manager can share information such as the manufacturing status of building materials and the progress of site construction with customers. , designers and cooperating companies confidently on ‘Promier’. increase. In addition, the degree of perfection as a BIM platform for construction management has been greatly improved from the past, such as the function to automatically determine the existence (*1).

The characteristics of the upgraded ‘Promier’ are as follows.

Greatly improved user usability with multi-screening

With the multi-screen, you can check the information by arranging the BIM model and the parts list side by side, and compare the progress of the plan and the actual result. The screen display can be switched between 1 screen and 2 screens, and each screen can be selected from ‘3D standard’, ‘3D plan’, ‘3D realization’, ‘3D progress’ and ‘list’. Also, the two screens are linked, and the angles and selection members are displayed in sync.

Volume chart and graph display, form output function

Calculates volume quantity based on quantity information and actual BIM model data, and displays graphs and tables. The calculated volume quantity is shared with a specialized construction company and the volume form output by the form output function is used for monthly billing processing. At the trial site, the efficiency of construction management work was improved, and the time needed to calculate the volume quantity at the time of invoice processing was reduced by about 20%.

Existence judgment automatically by overlaying BIM model and point cloud data

It is equipped with a function that automatically determines the existence by superimposing the BIM model and the point cloud data, and reflects it as the point cloud data acquisition date progress record data . By using this function, you can acquire and reflect real data efficiently and reliably.

Obayashi will continue to develop “Promier” functions and promote operational efficiency and productivity. Additionally, we will be selling ‘Promier’ so that more BIM users can use it.

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