launches gap analysis tool to quickly identify ideal tenants for any retail space

LOS ALTOS, California, November 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / –, the leader in location analysis and pedestrian traffic data, today released its void analysis tool. Void Analysis is an easy-to-use interactive tool that helps shopping center owners or rental representatives find the ideal tenants for any retail space. Potential tenants are ranked and ranked based on various factors, and a tenant list is then automatically produced, quickly identifying ideal candidates and candidate types for any vacant commercial space.

“The commercial real estate market is going through a time of unprecedented change and the role of data in guiding decision-making is only increasing. Placer’s void analysis tool allows CRE professionals to quickly identify the ideal solution for any commercial space based on a variety of critical criteria. factors, ”said co-founder and CEO. Noam Ben Zvi. “With this information, ideal candidates can be quickly identified and the pitch strengthened through objective and reliable location analyzes. The result is a unique opportunity to help CRE professionals make better decisions, faster than ever. ”

The analysis of voids consists of two main elements:

  • Analyze the best tenants
    • The best potential tenants for any mall vacancy can be identified based on their Relative Suitability Score (RFS).
    • The relative goodness-of-fit score is based on several parameters including demographic goodness-of-fit score (DFS), cannibalization rate, average monthly foot traffic, and colocation adjustment.
  • Learn more about potential tenants
    • Dive into the heart of the fit between your shopping center and a
    • potential tenant, including the breakdown of factors suggesting a high potential for success.
    • Get detailed insight into key metrics like household income, gender, age, frequent roommates, and other metrics to help refine focus and customize search to account for more variables .

Vacuum analysis is currently available to all subscribers.

Learn more here.

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