Poor data collection prevents Orlando PD study from addressing key issue of racial disparity – Central Florida News


Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón told the city commission he fully endorsed the findings of a recent review. Image: City of Orlando via YouTube

An independent review by the Orlando Police Department recommends community policing, comprehensive rules for the use of force, and better data collection.

But the study did not address its raison d’être: the issue of racial equity at the OPD.

City Commissioner Regina Hill is disappointed. The Bowman Group did not address the key issue of racial disparity.

“It’s great that we paid that $ 800,000 to analyze the OPD, but we really didn’t get what we were looking for, I really believe,” said at a workshop on Monday.

Theron Bowman blames the OPD’s failure to collect good data, like information on traffic stops and research.

“The reason we made data our number one recommendation is because we got into it and we can’t make a number of these recommendations because of the scarcity, the data gaps,” he said. he declared.

Chef Orlando Rolón says he’s completely on the recommendations.

“I agree one hundred percent with the outcome of this process,” he said.

And he thinks there is no systemic racism at OPD.

Rolón says he plans to make solving the data collection problem a top priority.

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