Remote Sensing Analysis Tool Now Available For Free



OceanWise has announced that from November 1, 2021, the RSOBIA Toolbar is available for free. The software tool, which takes raster images and segments the data into geographic areas with similar statistical properties, has been particularly effective in supporting those working in research, development and education.

The creator of the tool Tim Le Bas and OceanWise, who have enjoyed collaborating over the past few years on the sale of the tool, have decided that while it is still available and maintained, the tool will no longer be sold as a commercial product. Instead, Tim Le Bas will maintain and support the tool itself and offer free licenses to those who request them.

Tim Le Bas commented: “I wish more people had access to the tools, so removing all the costs should allow new users to try the tools and see how they can help them with processing and processing. interpretation of their data.

Image analysis based on remote sensing objects

Remote Sensing Object-Based Image Analysis or “RSOBIA” is a software tool for Esri ArcMap, which interprets and digitizes areas and boundaries seen in imagery (such as side scan sonar and backscatter). multibeam) and creates a polygonized map of the results (for example, areas of similar seabed type). It supports segmentation and classification – key techniques for image analysis – and delivers fast, easy, and repeatable results.

OceanWise will no longer be involved in the sale or support of the RSOBIA tool. As it will be a free tool, its distribution and maintenance will now be handled solely by Tim Le Bas, the creator of the tool. “We loved being involved with the tool and look forward to working with Tim on other projects in the future. OceanWise will of course assist its existing customers with any required transitions and resolve any outstanding issues, ”the company says.


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