RouteNote launches song analysis tool – quickly find the BPM, key and mood of any song

All RouteNote users can now find the dance, acoustic, energy, key, time signature, BPM and more, of any Spotify track.

Easily find the details of any Spotify track using RouteNote’s new song analysis tool. Curious how the tool tags your favorite songs? Artists can find the BPM of the track they’re covering, get inspiration from their favorite artist’s song details, or find artists to collaborate with. Producers can find the key of the track they’re sampling or remix. Playlist curators can find songs that fit the mood perfectly. The possibilities are limitless.

Log in or create a free RouteNote account, go to Services to artists tab and click Song Analysis. Type any track title or artist in the box, then click on the artwork to discover the details. The tool will list the track length, key, time signature, BPM, volume, as well as the Danceability, Instrumentality, Speech, Valence, Acoustic, Energy and liveliness. This data is pulled by Spotify’s AI and won’t always be 100% accurate, so be sure to listen to the track yourself to be sure.

Yet to sign up for RouteNote and experience all the powerful tool for independent artists and labels, like free distribution to Spotify and all other major stores? Click here to sign up for free.

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