Save Consulting Group chooses InetSoft for data analysis



InetSoft Technology, a pioneer in data intelligence, analytics and reporting, announced that Save Consulting Group has decided to use InetSoft Style Scope to deliver data visualizations and actionable insights to its clients .

Save Consulting Group is a shareholder-led company providing efficient and effective business intelligence solutions in the area of ​​compliance and information management. Their corporate know-how is based on thirty years of experience in the banking and financial sector relating to the development of regulatory reporting systems and similar management implementation activities. Their innovative cloud-based environments support data governance, automatically generate investigations required by oversight bodies, and translate regulations as needed. In addition to providing support services for the preparation of financial statements, governance and the production of prudential reports, they offer interested intermediaries the opportunity to participate in conferences and round tables to update and discuss their issues. and better benefit from Save Consulting’s experience in banking and finance.

Save Consulting Group was looking for a dashboard tool to perform data quality checks and what-if analysis. They needed a tool that was both user-friendly but also offered JavaScript and SQL scripts for greater flexibility. After evaluating several solutions, Save Consulting Group selected InetSoft’s Style Scope.

“We wanted to offer our clients more information about their data, with key indicators displayed in an intuitive way,” explains Alessandra Ullo, BI specialist at Save Consulting Group. “InetSoft’s tool allows us to do this with a user-friendly interface for both developers and end users.

“Every aspect of InetSoft’s solution is designed with ease of use in mind,” says Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft. “IT will benefit from a simple and smooth setup and deployment, and end users will find that many of the small changes they need can be made without technical assistance. “

InetSoft Style Scope is a data intelligence platform. At its core is a powerful data mashup engine that enables fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources, which can complement or avoid a data warehouse solution. At the development level, a unified interface enables simple and advanced data manipulation and the design of interactive dashboards and visual analyzes. At the consumer level, self-service is maximized for a range of users, from professional and consumer browsers to power users and data scientists. As a fully scalable, cloud-ready enterprise platform with granular security, multi-tenant support, and multiple integration points, it serves both enterprises and solution providers. In either environment, ease of deployment and ease of use are the main development principles that help reduce time investment and total cost of ownership – and make the solution attractive to organizations. of any size, with or without BI expertise.

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