Edinburgh, UK – Shot Scope (, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based distance tracking and game performance systems, continues to push the boundaries of technology with the introduction of a new course and hole analysis tool for golfers. The new feature provides golfers with course-specific stats as well as a comprehensive map of their typical performance on a given course. The new innovation will be most beneficial for a golfer’s home course, where they traditionally follow multiple laps that can be broken down into useful data.

The new Game Analysis feature is available as a FREE download to all Shot Scope customers currently using a product with shot tracking technology, including the award-winning V3 smartwatch, the PRO LX+ — the industry’s first laser rangefinder. golf to offer GPS-powered distances. and artificial intelligence for personalized performance tracking – and the new H4 gaming tracker. It can be accessed on Shot Scope’s online dashboard and through the mobile app.

In addition to overall course analysis, the Shot Scope team has further enhanced its available performance data with more specific and individual hole statistics. Looking at this data will give golfers a defined game plan for their home club based on previous rounds on that course.

Some of the key insights available through the new feature include up and down stats from different areas, average score with different clubs on the tee, and heatmaps of typical activity on each hole, which will combine to help golfers get lower scores. Overall top-to-bottom stats are displayed in a clear graph, highlighting the percentage of each area missed – showing where a golfer traditionally hits the most highs and lows. This interactive, visual display of data allows golfers to easily navigate the intricacies of their game in what could otherwise be a confusing process.

“I’m really proud of the Shot Scope team, who continually show their commitment to providing our users with the best experience possible,” comments Gavin Dear, CCO of Shot Scope. “Our vision was that golfers could use these features to help them play their home course to the best of their abilities and use the data provided to help strategize on the course.”

One statistic in the new feature that offers unique insight is the ranking of individual strokes won per hole. By compiling all the rounds a golfer has played on a certain course, the Shot Scope software is able to calculate a strokes gained ranking for each hole – which can then be compared to the hole rankings of the course. It also allows golfers to compare themselves to players with similar handicaps on the same course, as well as compare their performance to that of other golfers at their club. When combined, the course and hole analysis features allow golfers to better understand how to chart their way around the course more efficiently, comparable to a personal stroke saver unique to each player’s game. The details provided are standard, with golfers having the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of all facets of their game.

Adds Cher, “It’s not only informative for the user, but also for coaches who can get a more detailed, stat-based understanding of how their clients are performing on the course. The information can be used to structure and guide lessons, as well as to help golfers plan their course strategy before an event.

The new feature follows Shot Scope introducing the innovative PRO LX+ device. A one-of-a-kind rangefinder, the PRO LX+ System comprises three innovative devices that are sold as a single unit, the PRO LX+, with GPS-powered distances and performance tracking, or individually as the PRO LX Rangefinder and H4 Game Tracker. Today, with research showing that modern golfers rely on multiple GPS devices, players of all skill levels now have one device – PRO LX+ – that provides all the on-course technology they need in one system. .

“Shot Scope is thrilled to unveil this game-changing device to the golf industry, as we introduce GPS distance and performance tracking technology to laser rangefinder users for the first time ever,” Dear adds. Our V3 smartwatch was a huge success when it launched in 2020, and now we’re bringing that same AI to rangefinders and offering golfers a multi-product system that’s priced to suit every budget.

Dear adds, “For rangefinder users, Shot Scope now offers real-time game tracking data like never before, which is currently used by tens of thousands of golfers worldwide recording over 160 million shots. In fact, our data shows that recreational golfers improve by four strokes thanks to the unique fusion of precise distance information and automatic performance tracking technology in Shot Scope devices.

PRO LX+ Rifle Scope

The PRO LX+ offers a host of golfer-friendly benefits, including advanced target-locking vibration, dual red and black optics, X7 navigation, adaptive grade technology, 900-yard range accurate at 1 yard, a precision clear lens and a comfortable stable grip. Additionally, the PRO LX+ offers 36,000 preloaded courses, dynamic forward, backward and average GPS distances with forward and carry distances to each hazard, all distances available in yards or meters. Available at SRP$349.99 with no subscription fees and free updates.

The PRO LX+, which is available in blue, gray and orange, also features Shot Scope’s artificial intelligence for performance tracking via the H4 Game Tracker which magnetically attaches to the rangefinder. Backed by 16 RFID tracking tags that capture over 100 game statistics during a round of golf, the performance tracking capability works in the background and continuously analyzes the golfer’s swing parameters. This creates an ever-increasing volume and precision of data collected from the golfer during play, which leads to more information and statistics that help the player better understand their game, improve their strategy on the course and get lower scores. The water-resistant, USGA-compliant PRO LX+ also comes with a premium carrying case, lanyard, carrying clip, cleaning cloth, and 1 CR123 battery.

All Shot Scope products can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstores, golf specialty stores or online at Keep up to date with all Shot Scope news on social networks: Twitter @Shotscope /Facebook @Shotscope instagram @shot_scope. Link to product images:


Shot Scope Technologies was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since its inception, the company’s simple goal has been to improve the way amateur and professional golfers collect and analyze their game statistics. The Shot Scope team, made up of technology experts and golfers, including a former Walker Cup player, set out to develop smart wearable technology that was more intuitive and comprehensive than any current offering on the market.

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