Visual Objects research reveals only two-thirds use social media

Visual Objects, a data-driven portfolio website, surveyed 1,003 small business owners and managers to learn about their approach to digital marketing and learned that two-thirds use social media.

The survey found that 25% of small businesses consider social media to be their most effective digital marketing tool in 2022. Although it remains the top choice, this is a noticeable decrease from the results of 2021, where 73% of participants found social media to be their most effective tool. fruitful channel.

Visual Objects research examines the range of small business digital channels and strategies and compares them to last year’s results. This report reveals small businesses’ favorite marketing tools, how they focus, and their perception of specific tools.

Small Business Digital Marketing Plans 2022

Our team highlights the following 2022 trends in the report:

  • More than two-thirds of small businesses (67%) use social media tools.
  • Small businesses found that social media (25%), their company’s website (20%) and online advertising (18%) were their three most successful digital marketing tools.
  • Only 6% of small businesses think video marketing helps them achieve their goals.
  • Almost half of small businesses (48%) still use email marketing.
  • Only 6% of small businesses find value in SEO and content marketing.

Stephanie Brownsocial media consultant and coach at The Content Fixer, believes that small businesses truly connect with their customers through social media.

“Social media also allows for a more authentic connection with your dream customers,” said Brown. “Other marketing channels may not allow you to build real trust with the people you are trying to reach.”

Curious to learn more about small business digital marketing trends? View the full report.

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