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VS Code v1.72 adds community discussions for extension authors

The secret sauce of Microsoft’s cross-platform Visual Studio code editor is the wide range of extensions available on the market that provide all kinds of functionality, almost turning it into a full-fledged IDE.

With that in mind, the company typically dedicates development time to serve extension authors in its series of regular monthly updates to the hugely popular open-source code editor.

New v1.72, the September 2022 update, is no exception, as Microsoft has announced a new GitHub site designed exclusively for extension authors.

“There is now a VS Code community discussion site for extension authors as a gathering place to ask questions, connect with other developers, and show off their great work,” Microsoft said in its announcement. . “Here you can find announcements related to the VS Code APIs, post questions or search for existing answers, and check out the Show and Tell Extension.”

VS Code Community Discussions
[Click on image for larger view.] VS Code Community Discussions (source: Microsoft).

While the site says it’s limiting discussions to only extension development at this point, other categories will be added as the community grows. In an FAQ that features the question “Why are there only categories for extension development?” the answer is, “We want to start small, and the extension author community is just the right size. Meanwhile, StackOverflow continues to answer most other questions.”

The extension’s discussion site was placed in a separate GitHub repository from the main VS Code repository, as the team wanted to avoid mixing it up with the existing issue triage process at the moment, although they are considering add more categories for topics that have their own repositories. , which could be centered around things like remote development, Python, etc.

At present, the site, which has actually been active for months, includes announcements – one for deprecated extensions, for example – and numerous talk pages ranging from “Injection grammar extension (for coloring syntax)” to “How do I reset my view?”

Still on the trail of extensions, the new September 2022 update also features new Updates sections to show recently updated extensions and extensions needing attention, as well as a new button to help developers choose to ignore updates for an extension. Installed extensions can also be sorted in several different ways.

Other non-extension-oriented highlights of v1.72 as presented by Microsoft – with links for more information, include:

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