WBAT Safety Introduces Flight Dynamics: A Flight Data Analysis System for Your FOQA Program

Leesburg, VA, May 17, 2022 — (PR.com) — WBAT Safety is proud to introduce Flight Dynamics, a new system designed to process and analyze recorded flight data to support operational quality assurance of flights (FOQA) or stealing your organization. data analysis program.

Flight Dynamics helps improve your organization’s safety by increasing operational awareness and maintenance efficiency.

WBAT Safety has a deep-rooted history in the Flight Data Analysis market, including over 15 years of experience in providing custom designed FOQA systems. Their team advised airlines on the launch of FOQA programs as early as 1995 and participated in the US Air Force working group to establish the guiding document for the US Air Force MFOQA program.

Their team’s decades of experience in FOQA and flight data analysis provide an added advantage to organizations using the Flight Dynamics system by offering assistance in initiating, launching and sustaining their FOQA program. or flight data analysis.

Working with a third-party on-aircraft wireless data acquisition tool that can be fully automated, Flight Dynamics offers the following components, which an organization can use separately or in a combined system, depending on your analytical goals:

• Post Flight Report (PFR)
• Aggregated data analysis (ADA)

Post Flight Report (PFR)

The Post-Flight Report (PFR) allows an organization’s pilots to immediately receive a debriefing directly on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, after each flight.

They are excited to improve the debriefing process for pilots around the world. The sky is the limit of what this product can do.

Analysis of aggregated data

Flight Dynamics offers aggregate data analysis, which allows organizations to analyze aggregate data from all of their aircraft. Contact a Flight Dynamics specialist to learn more about ADA.

WBAT Safety will present on Flight Dynamics as a proud Gold Sponsor of the 2022 SMS Industry Forum, taking place May 25-27, 2022 at American Airlines Flagship University (FSU) in Forth Worth, TX.

Click here or visit www.wbatsafety.com/flight-dynamics to learn more about Flight Dynamics, speak to an expert or schedule a demo.

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