Westborough-based company launches new version of analytics tool for bakeries

Westborough firm KPM Analytics has released the latest version of a product to analyze the quality of whole wheat dough.

Chopin Technologies’ new Alveolab functional and rheological dough analyzer can assess whole-wheat doughs and their tenacity, extensibility, elasticity and baking strength, according to an Aug. 17 press release from KPM.

Traditional alveographs, which blow an air bubble into dough to make measurements according to industry standards, have not worked well in whole-wheat products, the company said.

“After a long period of research, our experts have developed new protocols that allow the Alveolab to do what was previously impossible,” said Lionel Bernard, Managing Director of Chopin Technologies, which is a product line of KPM.

Whole-wheat flours are widely used in bread and baked snacks as consumers demand healthier foods, KPM said. According to the company, formulations that include whole wheat and other wheat flours include bran, which can negatively affect product quality. To take the guesswork out, bakeries can use the Alveolab to understand their doughs so they can test new recipes and adjust consistency.

The device, which includes hardware and software upgrades, and can export data to users’ laboratory information management systems.

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